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November 10-15, 2023
Mallorca @ Cal Reiet

Join me and my colleague Karl Straub on Mallorca at the most beautiful retreat center of the island, Cal Reiet.
More info and bookings through Karl Straub Yoga

In Person and Online Click here

The ancient way to practice yoga: one teacher, one student.
A practice customized to the needs of the student,  to progress in a healthy, sustainable way and to reach goals more efficiently.
Burnout, stress, recovery, work-life-balance support for managers, athletes, mothers, artists, singers, models, students, for more experienced Yogis who want to deepen their practice and for Yoga newbies. In person or online.

Public retreats and group workshops are not your thing? You're planning a holiday and want to add Yoga to your daily routine and create a retreat atmosphere? I can join you and create a yoga program specially tailored for you, in the place you choose. On request.

Check out my YouTube channel "NatYoga - Yoga with Natalija" for full length yoga classes. If this is not enough, join me HERE  and get your video library membership to access more exclusive Hatha, Yin and Yoga Nidra classes.

for health and longevity
Relief stress, balance energy, improve sleep

Yoga breathing is a safe and natural way to quickly affect your autonomic nervous system. Most of us are stuck on autopilot, and we're getting bounced around by our environment leaving us feeling imbalanced, wired and tired. Yoga breathing offers many of the same benefits as meditation, but it's easier to learn, can be practiced anywhere, and the results are very predictable. No experience of any kind is needed. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone, you do not have to be “Yogi” to participate in this program. The practice helps to improve sleep, relieve stress, improve digestion, reduce anxiety, balance energy, improve mental focus and it's a safe, natural self-care tool.

Availability limited to 3 private clients each month. I'm offering you a free Discovery Session if you think this might help with your current health challenges. The Discovery Session is just 20 minutes via video call. I'll share with you the basic principle of the practice, we'll do some foundation exercises together, and we'll see how you feel. No cost or obligation, just book at time with me by sending me an e-mail.

If you'd like to continue, this is how it works:
The private Client Package includes:
♥︎ 1 month program

♥︎ 1 x per week x 30 minutes video call to learn the techniques
♥︎ 15 minutes daily homework
♥︎ personalized audio files to help you with your practice
♥︎ Email support between sessions.

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